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The Stopp-IT security screws are easily fitted to for example projectors and flat-screens in different sizes. The key benefits are:

  • Easy installation Can easily be retrofitted in existing installations
  • Does not impact swap repairs schemes and warranties
  • Compatible with most brands, and models, of projectors and flat screens in the market
  • Does not require customizations like gluing of system components to the projectors and flat screens
  • Is available in sizes M3 M4 M5 M6 and M8
  • The locking system comprises 2 locking screws to be mounted in the VESA hole pattern. The length of the screws can of course easily be adopted to the installation
A locking wire is applied through the holes in heads of the screw. The wire is secured in the wall securing unit or directly in the projector or flat-screen bracket..

Two different versions of the locking wire are available, one with a padlock (Re-lock) and one with a unique key-less disposable locking (Permanently-lock).
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